Commercial Landscaping Ideas

As a business owner, you know that the appearance and safety of your property directly effects how customers view and patronize your services. Whether with minor or major landscape enhancements, you can spruce up your property design to demonstrate your company’s commitment to maintaining a professional appearance. Use creativity, sensibility and simple upgrades to enhance your current landscape design.

Signature Shubbery

Mark your company’s territory by spelling out your company name or displaying your logo in plants and shrubs. Professional landscapers can trim your existing hedges or plant new shrubs that brand your company in an eye-catching way. Choose bright-colored flowering plants for the interior of your letters or logo. Colors such as red and yellow are great options since they are easy to read from a distance. Pick darker colors for the outline of the letters in your design. An exception to this recommendation is the use of your corporate identity colors, which may include two dark or two bright colors. In this case, use a style closest to your logo design.

Foliage Fortress

If you’re in a single-story building, create a beautiful privacy fence of dense foliage around your office space. You can avoid the fear of someone seeing valuables in your office from an outside sidewalk or parking lot and planning a break-in with the help of your foliage fortress. Place large palm leaves, trees and waterfalls in front of the window as an obstruction. Fill the space in front of your fountain and foliage with gravel extending it to the sidewalk.

Walkways and Patios

Give your employees a place of refuge during their lunch break with a stone patio filled with shrubbery and a privacy fence. This area is sure to enhance employee wellness and therefore retention by giving them a temporary getaway from the office. Stone walkways are essential around your property for pedestrians seeking access to your building from multiple entrances. A cobblestone walkway adds a welcoming touch to the front door of your business. Hire a professional landscaper to create walkways and patios with crushed stone and a drainage system to provide a solid foundation that your employees and customers can enjoy for decades.

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