New Jersey Property Services

property managementSITE MANAGEMENT
For those customers who desire the simplicity of complete exterior maintenance from a single provider, CLC offers our Site Management package, which provides virtually all of a commercial property’s exterior maintenance requirements as outlined below:

We provide the property with complete grounds maintenance, lawn fertilizing, tree & shrub care, crack & crevice weed control, mulch installation, annual flower installation & care, landscape re-design, repair & replacements and irrigation system management.

“The CLC staff is knowledgeable and professional and we depend on them greatly when snow and ice make our property difficult to navigate. The response is reliable on a 24/7 basis and the techniques they utilize are well-developed and thoughtful. Their service is a good value because of the efficiencies they bring to the process. I’ve found no other snow removal service provider that comes close to operating in such a fashion.”
– Property Manager, Parsippany, NJ


All of our standard snow & ice services are included such as lot plowing, sidewalk shoveling, lot de-icing, and sidewalk de-icing. Services are provided as appropriate for the location of the property, and may include sand applications, snow stacking, liquid de-icing, etc.

To provide for the regular upkeep of a property, the following services are available:

  • Daily / as needed porter services
  • Parking lot sweeping, striping, cold patch repairs
  • Pest control services – indoor and exterior
  • Painting and minor repairs – scrapes, scratches
  • Vacant space services, including emptying & cleaning, leasing & contractor access, rekeying, as well as “vanilla-box” service to repair & repaint vacant spaces for showing.
  • Exterior window & mullion cleaning
  • Sidewalk & exterior cleaning & pressure washing
  • Leasing signage installation & removal
  • Parking lot and sidewalk lighting & timer maintenance
  • Debris & graffiti removal

CLC is proud to work with the below equipment