New Jersey Snow Removal

Snow RemovalEstablished in 1986 our snow and ice management team has decades of experience in managing New Jersey’s unique weather patterns and storm systems. We work 24/7 to remove ice and snow from your property and we do not stop until the work is done. When you hire CLC, we want you to feel assured that your property is in good hands during a snow or ice event. Commercial snow removal is our full-time business and we take it very seriously. Our large staff of snow removal professionals loves snow and we prepare and look forward to it all year long. If you are interested in our snow and ice removal services, call our office at 732.493.4939 and an account manager will contact you regarding the needs of your property.

Snow and Ice Management Services Include:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Sidewalk Snow Clearing
  • Roadway & lot salting
  • Sidewalk de-icing and salting
  • Snow Stacking, Removal & Hauling
  • Canopy and rooftop snow removal

“In snow removal, CLC is all about service. No excuses, just performance. The finest equipment combined with an extremely knowledgeable staff.”
– Facility Manager, Bridgewater, NJ

Weather Is Our Business
At CLC, knowing the weather conditions and temperature changes from day-to-day throughout the winter is our business. All of the snow and ice removal services we provide depend on the information we receive, so we take it very seriously.

New Jersey Weather
We contract yearly with WeatherWorks a private meteorological service that is local to the New Jersey area. They provide us with daily, detailed weather information and as storms approach we are updated continuously. Our weather service will, E-mail, fax, or text us to notify us of any weather changes.


We Prepare for Winter Weather
At CLC we spend a considerable amount of time before it snows assessing each property we are going to service. We develop an “action plan” that pairs the right equipment and resources with each individual property to make sure that it is serviced as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Right Equipment and Manpower
CLC owns a large fleet of dedicated snow and ice removal equipment, and spends a significant amount of time allocating the proper equipment to properties to make sure that all of its properties are serviced in a timely manner.


24/7 Snow & Ice Management Services
We have a team of quality control leaders who will manage and service your account. At CLC we spend a significant amount of time allocating the proper equipment to properties. We have a large number of trucks, Articulating wheel loaders, Back hoes, Skid loaders, ATV’S, and other specialized snow removal equipment that are assigned to different jobs to provide quality control services and back up support.

Quality Control Team Leaders
who are responsible for their Properties and the equipment that works in it..

Weather & Operations Reports – We’re available before, during and after a storm:
After every storm ends, CLC crews and equipment are available for touch up or customer service requests. We can respond quickly because we have large number of crews.

Salt Storage Facility – CLC maintains and operates many covered salt storage locations in New Jersey.

Salt Inventory – CLC maintains a large inventory of salt in New Jersey.

Sidewalk De-Icer – CLC is a regional distributor of ice-melter and carries a large inventory of sidewalk de-icers in New Jersey.

Also, we offer the below credentials:
• Numerous industry and State certifications
• Licensed and Insured with $5 Million liability coverage
• Workman’s Compensation coverage at State limits
• Uniformed, professional, polite, English speaking supervisors

It is our intention to grow slowly, but steadily by continuing to build a lasting relationship with satisfied customers who find it easy to work with us and find value in the quality of the services that we provide. If you are interested in our property management services, please call our office and an account manager will be assigned to contact you regarding the needs of your property.

CLC is proud to work with the below equipment